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Jigging Master New Evolution Titanium Rod

Jigging Master

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Jigging Master New Evolution Titanium Rod:

Made of specific titanium/graphite combo fabric, Jigging Master’s New 2011 Evolution Titanium jigging rods are the evolution version of the good reputation PowerSpell rods. What is more, the lasting of elasticity is also peerless by it’s unique material. Enhanced vertical lifting power, makes these rods also becomes suitable spinning action, and longer rear grip (B=420mm/S=450mm) makes these JM’s new generation rods -- Evolution Titanium perfectly suit long stroke jerking, and this is the most pioneering design for jigging rods.

Max 150g 5'3  PE 1-3      Maximun Power   90 degrees 10kg / 60 degrees 16kg color:gold

Max 200g 5'3  PE 1.5-4   Maximun Power   90 degrees 12kg / 60 degrees 20kg color:red

Max 250g 5'0  PE 2-5      Maximun Power   90 degrees 15kg / 60 degrees 25kg color:blue

Max 300g 5'0  PE 3-6      Maximun Power   90 degrees 17kg / 60 degrees 29kg color:purple

Max 350g 5'0  PE 3-7      Maximun Power   90 degrees 18kg / 60 degrees 32kg color:gray

Max 400g 5'0  PE 4-8      Maximun Power   90 degrees 20kg / 60 degrees 35kg color:silver