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  • HOTS Keitan Jig


    HOTS Keitan Jig

    $33.00 - $41.00

    HOTS Keitan Jig: Balance 7:3 - Great for jerking technique. Keitan Jig was designed in collaboration with famouse Japanese fisherman Kei Hiramatsu. Its long shape is made for jigging techniques such as "fake Jerk". Available Weight: 200g,...

  • HOTS Drift Tune Jig


    HOTS Drift Tune Jig

    $36.00 - $43.00

    HOTS Drift Tune Jig: The Drift Tune Jig is the new metal jig made for "Fake Jerk" technique. It can drift in the water for long period of time.   Also, excellent for "Spinning" and "Bait Tackle". Targets: Yellotail, Amberjack