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Tady Lures

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    TADY 45 - SURFACE Jig

    $8.99 - $9.49

    TADY 45 SURFACE Jig: There's no more respected surface jig on the market than the venerable Tady 45.  I doubt you'll find any SoCal angler without a half dozen or more in their tackle box.  There really aren't too many fish that won't eat a 45...

  • TADY A2 Jig


    TADY A2 Jig

    $7.26 - $7.99

    TADY A2 Jig: The A2 is a do anything lure.  You can swim it, vertical jig it, use it cast and retrieve...  It's a very versatile lure that will get a lot of use.  With it's 4 ounce weight, you can cast it a great distance, and with it's...

  • TADY 4/0 YoYo Jig


    TADY 4/0 YoYo Jig

    $8.62 - $9.99

    TADY 4/0 YoYo Jig: Tady's big 4/0 is a lure named after the size reel it's most commonly fished with.  It's meaty, big and heavy.  You can toss it a mile with your 4/0 reel, even if you aren't comfortable casting this size reel.  Weight,...