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Jigging Master Amberjack Sniper Rod

Jigging Master

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Amberjack Sniper Rod Series

Shorter length but with longer rear grip, particularly designed for smaller boats jigging besides rocky coast and reef, also with shorter length for easy jigging and agility. (FOR JIGGING 100m OVER DEEP SEA)

Amberjack Sniper 45B Hyper
Jig 220~450g PE 4~8 Maximum Power 30kg

Amberjack Sniper 45B Deep
Jig 300~600g PE 5~10 Maximum Power 37kg

Amberjack Sniper 48S Light
Jig:150-330g PE: 3-6 Maximum Power 25kg
(Arrived in JUL)

Amberjack Sniper 48S
Jig 220~450g PE 4~8 Maximum Power 30kg