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Carpenter Hayabusa HB120-235 L-Quiet Lure


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Carpenter Hayabusa HB120-235 L-Quiet Lure:

Length 235mm
Weight approx. 113g
Style Floating
Compatible Hook approx. 11g
Compatible Split Ring 250lb

Effective Action

The lure speed of "Hayabusa (HB)" can be freely adjusted from "fast to slow". Find the optimum by considering the activity of the fish and the moving speed of the ship. Jerk length and strength. Add actions that apply to your situation, such as between jerks.

The action changes depending on the rod. The falcon behaves differently from her gamma, BF, dancer, illusion and other lures. There are some parts of lure fishing that cannot be said to be "low activity = move slowly". Fast movements often promote predatory behavior of fish. The falcon responds freely to movement. Please try various lure speeds.

Effective Situation

"Hayabusa (HB)" is easy to operate when it is difficult to apply fine wind and tidal actions. It is also easy to operate even on ships with high casting decks.


Supports short stroke to middle stroke actions

Made in Japan.