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Jigging Master T-Bar Handle LT-091

Jigging Master

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Jigging Master dual-bearing alloy T-bar handle (T-091):
(1)Length:98mm Gradient:14 degrees,made of anti-rust stainless steel.
(2)Two anti-rust bearings for standard shaft (used for any conventional reel with 5mm round hole on the handle position of arm ), shafts are also made of stainless steel.
(3)New designed shafts of smoother shape, ideal for long time intensive jigging.
(4)Using T-091, you just don’t need to wear jigging gloves.
(5)Beautifully twice-anodic appearance.
* Suitable reels for T-091
A.Any conventional reel with 5mm round hole on the handle position of arm.(please use shaft–B)
B.Shimano Ocea Jigger 4000~5000P, 2004 SW STela 10000~20000 ( please use shaft-S).
C.2008 Shimano SW New Stella 4000~20000(please use shaft-NS)
D.2008 Shimano SW Twin Power 4000~12000(please use shaft-NS)
E.Daiwa Saltiga-Z 4000~6500 Saltiga-Z 20~40(please use shaft-D).And Direct change for Daiwa Catalog with Label "L"

NOTE: You need to use the bearings from your original reel's handle for NS, D, and S Shaft. For B-Shaft, you just need to screw into the handle. 

**NOT DESIGNED FOR AVET REEL, TORSA, and some other reels. If your reel is not listed above, then please contact us if they can be fit. Thank you! **