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Jigging Master Fluoro Carbon Leader 70lb Line

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Jigging Master Fluoro Carbon Leader 70lb Line:

By using the most advance innovation technology up to date. We are able to achieve ultimate tensile strength and high knot strength with over 95% knot strength achieve during tests. By adding additional abrasion material (3 layers is added) we are able to increase its abrasion resistance.also giving it extra density (about 1.78gm per 1meter) thus allowing it to have a fast sinking characteristic. Created with a near zero memory which allows it to recover its straightness even after use. Non-absorbing characteristic that maintain its strength at 100% even after long hours in the water. It’s reflects light underwater making it invisible to the fishes

Tested by Jigging Master crew for 478 days before to the market. No.20 caught a 65kg Hapuka by Pony Liu in the Three Kings are north of New Zealand.


Length: 100yd

Diameter: 0.735mm