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Carpenter KLL UPL50/50J-S Rod (Jigging Rod)


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Carpenter KLL UPL50/50J-S Rod (Jigging Rod):

Action: FAST ACTION, but stiff (Designed for Big Fish)

Length: 1530mm (5')

Line: PE 6-10 (Braid: 60-100lb)

Lure: 300-500g

Maximum Drag: 20kg,  44lb (rod angle needs to be adjusted according to load)

Rod Weight: 330g (11.6oz)


Top Guide: MNST-16

Middle Guide: MNSG

Butt Guide: MNSG-40

Reel Seat: DPS-22 Down Lock

End Cap: BRC-22

Front Grip: 230mm (9")

Rear Grip: 415mm (16.3")


Aluminium gimbal standard

Made in Japan