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Q&A: Bluefin Tuna Popping Rod Recommendation in Cape Cod, MA

Question:"Hey, I book a trip with jimmy from On Time Charters for Bluefin Tuna. I'm looking to buy a popping rod for up in Cape Cod to fish with him?? I don’t need the most expensive just one that wil…

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Q&A: Yellowtail Rod Recommendation for San Diego and South Mexico

Question:"Hi, I am looking a 9' ft rod to throw jigs for Yellowtail. I mainly fish in San Diego and south in Mexican waters. I am looking for a rod that can flip jigs easily and have the backbone for…

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Q&A: GT Shore Fishing Rod Recommendation

Question:"I'm looking to buy a road for GT shore fishing. Could you present to me the difference between the Black Hole SURF II 1102 Heavy and 10'6'' NANO Heavy? Which one has the longest cast distan…

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Q&A: 100+lb Tuna Popping Rod Recommendation for Panama

Question:"Which is more kindly on ones back fighting 100+ lb tuna: Black Hole USA Cape Cod Special Nano or Black Hole Magic Eye?Just came back from Panama and my back and shoulders still hurt from us…

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Q&A: Albie Rod Recommendation

Question:"What's the best Rod for Albie?"Answer:10' Black Hole Suzuki Special Surf Rod9'6" Black Hole Suzuki Special Surf Rod8' Black Hole Suzuki Special L (801L) Rod8' Black Hole Challenger Bank L (8…

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