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Rod Recommendation for Big Tuna

10th Jan 2020

Question: "Good morning. We have some customers who want to fish big tuna with popping rod. So we need a rod of 2.0m or 2.1m for PE12 or more. Do you have any rod like this in Black Hole bra … read more

300lb Bluefin Tuna!! By Brian Mock!!

3rd Mar 2015

300lb Bluefin Tuna was landed by Brian Mock! Congratulations! And thank you for sharing the picture with us! Weapon: Black Hole Cow Special 75 II Rod ( … read more

6/20/14: Which BEND do you LIKE?

20th Jun 2014

Which BEND do you like? -Black Hole Cape Cod Special Series-*Cape Cod Special 80g 5'10" Rod *Cape Cod Special 150g 5'6" Rod *Cape Cod Special 450g Rod *Cape Cod Special 502S 250g (2pc) … read more