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Q&A: Kayak Rod Recommendation

Question:"I have been using a couple of the Black Hole Cape Cod Special and Surf Special for plugging and jigging the canal. That said I’m shifting my interest to invest in a kayak. Most of my fishin…

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Q&A: Bluefin Tuna Popping Rod Recommendation in Cape Cod, MA

Question:"Hey, I book a trip with jimmy from On Time Charters for Bluefin Tuna. I'm looking to buy a popping rod for up in Cape Cod to fish with him?? I don’t need the most expensive just one that wil…

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Q&A: Albie Rod Recommendation

Question:"What's the best Rod for Albie?"Answer:10' Black Hole Suzuki Special Surf Rod9'6" Black Hole Suzuki Special Surf Rod8' Black Hole Suzuki Special L (801L) Rod8' Black Hole Challenger Bank L (8…

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Q&A: Popping Rod Recommendation with Twin Power 14K

Question:I’m looking to match up a popping rod to my Twin Power 14k. I want to target tuna on the offshore canyons in the NE. Throwing poppers and stick baits.I prefer a one piece rod blank to build o…

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Q&A: Casting Rod for Nantucket Fluke Fishing

Question:"What casting rod do you recommend for Nantucket fluke fishing?"Answer:"7' Black Hole Challenger Bank 701L, but 7'3" Black Hole Challenger Bank 731 M when current becomes strong."https://jign…

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