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Q&A: Bluefin Tuna Popping Rod Recommendation in Cape Cod, MA

Question:"Hey, I book a trip with jimmy from On Time Charters for Bluefin Tuna. I'm looking to buy a popping rod for up in Cape Cod to fish with him?? I don’t need the most expensive just one that wil…

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6/21/2017: Watch porgy & sea bass jigging with spinning setup.

Fun porgy & Sea Bass fishing with Black Hole USA 6'9" Challenger Bank 691UL Rod & IRT 400g Spinning Reel & N.S Taifun-V Rubber Jig 150g (5oz)! Special Thanks to Capt.Jimmy of On Time in Ca…

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10/14/15: Bluefin Tuna Popping!

Bluefin landed on ‪Black Hole Cape Cod Special 8'0" Graphite Popping Rod and FCLLBAO CSP 180 Sinking Lure!---Rod Specs:-Length: 8'0" (2pc at grip section)-Blank weight: 8.8oz-Lure weight: 80-200g-Line…

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Video: Striped Bass Jigging off Chatom in Cape Cod, July 2013

Gears Used: Black Hole Magic Eye 571B-XXH Rod Jigging Master PE3 Reel 2oz Diamond Jig…

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