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VIDEO: "These Fish are IMPOSSIBLE to Catch!!" By BlacktipH

Rod Used: Black Hole USA Cape Cod Special 1pc Jigging Rod…

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Q&A: Deepwater Fluke Rod Recommendation

Question:"Which rod do you recommend for a deepwater (40'-90') fluke rod and reel. Looking to jig 4-8oz jigs with teasers and gulp. Black Hole Challenger Bank 701L or 731M Rod? Which one do you p…

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Q&A: Yellowtail Rod Recommendation for San Diego and South Mexico

Question:"Hi, I am looking a 9' ft rod to throw jigs for Yellowtail. I mainly fish in San Diego and south in Mexican waters. I am looking for a rod that can flip jigs easily and have the backbone for…

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Q&A: Effective Lure Range Weight for Jigging Rod

Question:"I'm interested in your Black Hole USA Cape Cod Special 1 piece vertical jigging rod. Can't decide between the 250gr or the 350gr. What are the effective lure range weight for each? How…

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Q&A: Saltiga 14K H Reel with Black Hole USA Cape Cod Special 8'6" Nano Popping Rod

Question:"I’m interested in Black Hole USA Cape Cod Special 8'6" Nano Popping Rod but was wondering if you can also work stickbaits, preferably 80-150g, as well? I plan on pairing the rod with a…

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