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Black Hole USA Fish Manic Rods

Black Hole USA

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Designed for hardcore fishermen, the Black Hole USA Fish Manic Rods are your ultimate companions for both inshore and offshore fishing adventures.

Nano Carbon Construction: These rods are not your average fishing tools. Crafted with cutting-edge Nano Carbon technology, they offer exceptional strength, sensitivity, and responsiveness. Feel every nibble, strike, and pulse of the water.

Moderate Fast Action: The Fish Manic Rods strike the perfect balance. Their moderate fast action allows for accurate casting, solid hook sets, and controlled fights. Whether you’re finesse jigging or battling a trophy fish, this action keeps you in control.

Target Species: Scup, Tautog/Blackfish, Striper, Drum, Snook, Cobia, Mutton Snapper, Red Snapper, Grouper

Ergonomic Design: Lightweight yet sturdy, these rods won’t wear you out during all-day fishing sessions. The comfortable grips ensure a secure hold even when adrenaline is pumping.

Sleek Aesthetics: Black Hole USA branding adds style to substance. Because looking good on the water matters too!

Get ready to conquer the seas with the Fish Manic Rods. Unleash your passion and reel in unforgettable memories!


80XH 8' 2 - 70/30 Split 30 - 90g,
1 - 3 oz.
PE 5 - 10
(50 - 100 lb.)
(10.2 oz)


* The Lure Weight and Line Rating listed above are recommended numbers.