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Jigging Master New Patent Two-Way Gimbal Plate S

Jigging Master

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Jigging Master New Patent Two Way Gimbal Plate S:

The 2012 Jigging Master patented two way gimbal is designed for both jigging and popper fishing, with its unique design that allows the angler to simply position the pin to either the centre or to one side of the gimbal, depending on their preferred fighting style.

They are available in both RH and LH, so you must specify which you require. The gimbal (RH pictured - pin on left-hand side is right-handed, pin on right-hand side is left-handed when wearing the gimbal) is supplied with an adjustable belt, however,the Jigging Master premium fighting belt can also be used when special clips are ordered from JM.

They are available in colours Black/Gold, Silver/Gold, Gold/Silver, Blue/Silver, Red/Silver, Grey/Silver and Purple/Silver.

**RIGHTY is Available. For Lefty, please contact us***

Size: 11.5"(W) x 7"(H)

Weight (Plate only): 472g / 16.6oz