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HOTS LT Metal Light Belt Type 2

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HOTS LT Metal Light Belt II:

How is Type 2 different from Type 1?

The Type 2 cup is made 30% deeper and is more round shape. Thus the grip end of the rod is more stable while fighting big fish like Tuna, GT, Yellowtails. 

  • Very Light Aluminum Belt, yet made strong for Tuna, GT, Yellowtails, etc!
  • Shaped down to smaller size (width: 50mm) as possible for more comfort when wearing.
  • Easy to control
  • Excellent to use for casting and heavy jigging games.
  • EVA Cushion (20mm thick) inside the belt reduces the pain during the fight.
  • Holds the rod still, yet easy to take it off with the "Quick Release Pin".
Made in Japan. 

hots-belt-blue.jpg hots-belt-orange.jpg 

hots-belt-gold.jpg hots-belt-red.jpg