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Black Hole USA 6' Giant Flex Blanks

Black Hole USA

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Introducing the Black Hole USA 6' Giant Flex Blank, a lighter spin-off of our renowned “Giant Series”, is a versatile rod perfect for a variety of fishing styles.

This rod boasts a delicate tip action coupled with impressive lifting power, capable of handling tuna up to 200lbs with ease.
Whether you’re trolling for tuna in the deep canyons, chunking, jigging, or targeting goliath grouper and swordfish, this rod is up to the task. It’s also an excellent choice for kite fishing.
What sets it apart is its construction with the latest premium Nano Carbon, ensuring durability and performance.

Compared to the 550g Cape Cod Special Jigging rod, the Giant Flex is heavier, offering more power and a thicker diameter, making it ideal for an optional bent butt. This added strength makes it a robust choice for anglers seeking that extra edge in their fishing adventures.

Experience the perfect blend of lightness and power with the Black Hole USA Giant Flex Blank.

6' GIANT FLEX 6' 1 50 - 100 lb Fast 4mm 17mm 6.6 oz.

* The Lure Weight and Line Rating listed above are recommended numbers.


1 Year Warranty from the purchase date. Please contact us for more details.