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News - Jigging

8/7/2017: New Arrivals! Black Hole 7' GIANT Trolling/Standup Jigging Rods!


Available on: http://www.jignpop.com/black-hole-7-giant-trolling...

Rod/Blank Length: 7' (1pc)

Blank Weight: 10oz

Rod Weight without Rubber Cap: 380g (23.9oz)

Line Max: 60~200lb, PE6~20 Braid

Total Handle Length: 32.5" with a Rubber Cap, 32" without a Rubber Cap.

Foregrip Length: 12.5" / Rear Grip Length: 13" (without a Rubber Cap)

FUJI Boat Guides

FUJI Graphite Reel Seat with Double Down-Lock.

Aluminum Gimbal with a Rubber Cap

Blank Diameter of Tip/Butt: 4.23mm, 22.57mm

Made in Korea

6/23/2017: 100lb Yellowfin Tuna with Slow Jigging Rod in Panama

100lb Yellowfin Tuna with our light Black Hole USA Cape Cod Special Slow Pitch Jigging B-632H2MF Rod in Panama!---Rod/Blank Length: 6'3", 2pc or 1pcLure Weight: 120~400g (4~14oz)Line Rating: PE2~5 (20~50lb)---Rods are available on: http://www.jignpop.com/products.php?product=Black...Blanks are available on: http://www.jignpop.com/products.php?product=Black...

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6/16/2017: Watch the action of Black Hole 6'9" Challenger Bank 691UL Rod

Rod: Black Hole USA 6'9" Challenger Bank 691UL (Ultra Light) Rod (http://www.jignpop.com/products.php?product=Black-...)(Blanks are also available: http://www.jignpop.com/products.php?product=Black-... )Reel: Jigging Master Power Spell PE2 Reel (http://www.jignpop.com/products.php?product=Jiggin...Jig: N.S Taifun-V Rubber Jig 150g (5oz) (http://www.jignpop.com/products.php?product=N.S-Ta...www.jignpop.comSpecial Thanks to Capt.Jimmy of On Time in Cape Cod, MA.

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11/23/15: Tuna Jigging in Mexico!

#Repost @adrian_pvrfishing (Black Hole Magic Eye 753S Rod)Tuna Jigging in Mexico!---Rod Specs:-Length: 7'4", 2pc at grip section-Rod weight: 8.4oz-Lure weight: 30~60g (max 90g)-Line rating: 15-25lb-Max Drag: 15lb-Fast Action-Main Targets: Small inshore fish.-Made in Korea (all materials are from Japan)---*Rods are available at: http://www.jignpop.com/products.php?product=Black... ---www.jignpop.comEmail: info@jignpop.comTel: 201-568-7702

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10/6/15: Fishing Report from Mexico!

Black Hole Cape Cod Special 150g 5'6" Jigging Rod!! By Scott & Capt.Roberto from Mexico.---Rod Specs:-Length: 5'6", 1pc (blank length: 6')-Lure weight: 150g-Blank weight: 5.3oz-Line rating: PE2-5 (20-50lb)-Max Drag: 25lb-Moderate Fast Action-Made in Korea (all materials are from Japan)---Complete Rods: http://www.jignpop.com/products.php?product=Black-...Blanks: http://www.jignpop.com/products.php?product=Black-...

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4/26/15: Watch the Video!! Florida Jigging Trip Teaser!!

Florida Jigging Trip Teaser!! Black Hole Cape Cod Special 80g 5'10" Jigging Rod & Jigging Master PE ReelAnglers:-John Kim-Ray So-Paul Choi-Annemarie DimAwesome Video! Thank you for letting us share!

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4/25/15: Fresh Fishing Report!! AJ Jigging on the Capt Easy out of Islamorada, FL!!

It was fun day with young jiggers from NY.We lost many big AJ due to shark. Hot jigs were Hots Keitan jigs. 6 Keitan jigs were lost. Light BH Cape Cod Special 80g jigging rod had lots of action today.Gears Used: Black Hole Cape Cod Special 80g 5'10" Jigging Rod: http://www.jignpop.com/products.php?product=Black-...HOTS Keitan Jig: http://www.jignpop.com/products.php?product=HOTS-K...

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Video: Squidding Technique for Cod & Pollack with JM PE2 Reel & Magic Eye 632XXH Rod

Squidding Technique Tutorial Video: Squidding technique is effective for bottom fishing like cod, pollack, and etc.  Reel slowly around 10~15 turns from off the bottom. When you feel the weight, continue to reel a little bit, and set the hook.  Gears Used: Black Hole Magic Eye 632XXH Rod (6'4") - coming soon Jigging Master PE2 Reel Flat Hammered Diamond Jig 10oz  

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