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5/10/2017: New Arrivals! Black Hole Challenger Bank 691UL Rods!

New Black Hole USA 6'9" Ultra Light (691UL) Rods are available! Very fun inshore fishing rod! http://www.jignpop.com/black-hole-challenger-bank-...

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4/5/2017: New Arrivals! Carpenter Gamma 90 Super L Stickbaits!

Carpenter Gamma 90 Super L Lures are available now!http://www.jignpop.com/carpenter-gamma-90-super-l-...

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2/20/2017: New Arrivals! New Black Hole Surf Rods & Blanks!

New Arrivals & Pre-Orders! Black Hole Surf Rods/Blanks!*Rods: http://www.jignpop.com/surf-rods/*Blanks: http://www.jignpop.com/surf-blanks/---www.jignpop.comEmail: info@jignpop.comTel: 201-568-7702

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1/30/2017: New Arrivals! Black Hole Challenger Bank 6'9" UL (Ultra Light) Blanks!

New Arrival! Black Hole Challenger Bank 6'9" UL (Ultra Light) Blanks! Great for bucktailing! Blank only weighs 1.8oz.http://www.jignpop.com/products.php?product=Black-...

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1/13/2017: 400lb Cow/Bluefin Tuna on Black Hole Cow Special II 75 Rod!

400lb Giant using Black Hole USA Cow Special II 75 Rod.The one-piece rod is designed for giant or cow specifically and we tested the rods for giant in 600 - 900 lb in PEI without any issue.I don't think any other existing popping rods are as strong as the Black Hole Cow Special II popping [...]

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1/5/2017: Here are some Cod Rods!

Cod rods from Black Hole USA in winter!- 7'3" Black Hole USA Challenger Bank 731M (1pc)- 7'6" Black Hole USA Challenger Bank 761MH (1pc)- 8' Black Hole USA Challenger Bank 801M (1pc)These rods are the best cod rods with sensitivity, lightness and power to fish Block Island cod.The weight of the rods are only 8.8 [...]

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11/21/16: 7' Black Hole Giant Blanks!

300lb Giant tuna! Black Hole USA 7' Giant Custom Built Rod using 40lb drag! Special thanks to Capt.Jimmy the Green of On Time. ---7' Black Hole Giant Blanks are available at: http://www.jignpop.com/black-hole-7-giant-blank/---www.jignpop.comEmail: info@jignpop.comTel: 201-568-7702#JIGNPOP

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11/5/16: Slow Jigging! Groupers!

Black Hole Cape Cod Special Slow Pitch Rod!----*Rods are available at: http://www.jignpop.com/products.php?product=Black...*Blanks are available at: http://www.jignpop.com/products.php?product=Black... ---www.jignpop.comEmail: info@jignpop.comTel: 201-568-7702#JIGNPOP

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10/25/16: New Arrivals! Carpenter MAIHIME 120 & BLUEFISH 120 Stickbaits!

New Arrivals! Carpenter Maihime 120 & Bluefish 120 Stickbaits!*Carpenter Maihime 120 stickbaits are available at: http://www.jignpop.com/products.php?product=Carpe... *Carpenter Bluefish 120 Stickbaits are available at: http://www.jignpop.com/products.php?product=Carpe... ----www.jignpop.comEmail: info@jignpop.comTel: 201-568-7702#JIGNPOP

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