Carpenter Coral Viper 79/35 Rod

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Carpenter Corval Viper 79/35 Rod:

The Coral Viper series was developed as a range of all-round GT rods and this series, has become extremely popular in GT fishing circles around the world.

The all-round action characteristics of this series makes it ideal for casting, lure action and fighting and it is versatile to many of our lures such as Bluefish, γ (Gamma), Pandora and Sea Frog Twin Hook. One of the strengths of this rod has been its lifting power relative to its rating.

A length of 7.9ft makes this rod and ideal all-rounder and this length gives the angler an advantage for fighting big GTs in comparison to longer rods. It has been proven in the field with numerous examples of GTs over 50kg.

The Coral Viper series of rods are in our opinion the best all-round rod in the range and we believe this series of rods will be great company for your trip regardless of your experience and skill level.

It is a favourite among many highly experienced anglers.

Length: 2380mm / 7.9' 

Piece: 2 Section (1 + Handle, Packed Length: 1685mm / 66")

Line: PE 6

Lure: -170g (5.9oz)

Maximum Drag: 10kg / 22lb

Rod Weight: 380g / 13oz


Top Guide: EMNST-16

Middle Guide: EMNSG

Butt Guide: EMNSG-40

Reel Seat: DPS-22 Down Lock

End Cap: BRC-22

Front Grip: 210mm / 8.3"

Rear Grip: 425mm /16.7"

Made in Japan